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Division 3 – Day 4 – Race 6

And they were all off on great starts for everyone.  Unfortunately Ragin’ had a small issue encountering the transom of “Teamwork” and their bow sprit had the worst and folded.  Hulls are fine, appear to have no damage.  Teamwork is sailing and Ragin’ did not start.  Just notified RC they are retiring for the day.  Hopefully back tomorrow.

On the course, the J111s have rounded the bottom gate and are on their 3rd leg.

Division 3 – Day 4

Good morning everyone… RC is out earlier today and we’re almost on station.  Since we missed a race yesterday due to light breeze, we’re starting the game a bit earlier today.  Planning for a 1030 first warning gun.

Breeze is looking 10knots out of approximately 100-110.  Mother Nature cooperating we will work on catching up and have 3 races today.  Forecast looking good for today, with building breeze staying through tomorrow.

Bright sunshine, fairly clear blue skies making for another Key West Race Week perfect sailing day!

Division 3 – on standby

Well, Race 5 is “almost” done… Still have 4 boats on the course but things got really really light.  I hear Div 1 & Div 2 may have some breeze to race but Div 3 is looking really weak on breeze.

Waiting for forecast and decision to see if it is going to be possible to have a second race today…

Division 3 – Race 5

After about a 90 minute postponement ashore, the RCs all went out and setup course.  Breeze is light but sailable. we just got all starts off on a 4 leg course, short mark at .8nm and long at 1.1nm at a heading of 335.

Competitors are all coming to the finish line in a bundle.  Results will be up in a few minutes and we’ll have them turned around and off on Race 6 as soon as possible so we can get 2 races in today… a very light day!

Division 3 – Race 4

So the clouds brought up some rain and with it a big wind shift.  After setting up the course and getting the J111s started on their Race 4, we had to abandon the race due to the shift, wait for the weather to settle, reset everything than re-start the sequence.  All week and race 4 in full progress.  J111s already rounding the leeward gate and on to their 3rd leg (upwind).

Everyone moving along nicely in the 10-11 knots or so of breeze we have (started in around 14kts).  RC Signal boat moving up to finish them upwind (5 legs).

Race 4 is in the books and all results are posted.  RC going back to the dock.