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Foiling in Love

The GC (Great Cup) 32 is making its debut at Quantum Key West Race Week 2015. The foiling cats are a far cry from my distant memories of sailing Hobies from a Florida beach in my youth. The last America’s Cup gave the sailing world 2 very noteworthy lessons: 1) Foiling cats are the future of competitive sailing. 2) High performance foiling is fun, fast, and oh so sexy to watch.

gc32GC 32 Class

Designed by Martin Fischer, the GC 32 shows the speed, action and agility of a new generation of foiling cats. Watching the videos from the 2014 Austria Cup, there are many reasons why I think you, like me, will be “foiling in love” with this sassy cat.

The class has attracted more than the Euro-cat specialists; AC 72 sailors, match racers, one design sailors and adrenaline junkies have all signed up to “have a go” at 30+ knots of downwind exhilaration.