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Welcome to Quantum Key West 2015 – Quantum Sails Day!

Good Morning!
Welcome to Final Friday!

We are winding up for the final day of Quantum Key West 2015. Yesterday’s conditions showed why racing in Key West is spectacular! The forecast for today shows stronger breeze for the morning with an estimate of 15-20 and trending lower as the afternoon progresses.

Division 2 warning is at 1030 – with the intent of sailing 3 races. Division 1 and 3 warning is at 1130 – with 2 races scheduled.

The Daily and Overall awards will be presented this evening @1845. In addition to the Daily and Overall awards, Midwinter Championship Trophies will be presented to the following classes:

  • Melges 24
  • Melges 32
  • J/70 – The Marlow Trophy, and the Corinthian Trophy
  • J/111
  • J/88
  • J/105

CONGRATULATIONS to  Bradley Faber and his team on the J/111 Utah who was presented with the Boat of the Day Award on Thursday.

Key West Race Week 20152015 Ken Stanek/

There are some close classes going into the final race day. Slap on sunblock and hold on to your hats! Three of the four GC 32s are tied on points (16),  the same situation is in the Maxi class with Bella Mente and Numbers tied on points (15). In the J/70 class, 3 points separate Calvi Network and Helly Hansen. In J/88,  only 2 points sit between Deviation and Touch2Play . Wahoo!

Final results are posted on the Premiere Racing Event site, and fabulous photos from Ken Stanek, Tim Wilkes, Allen & Daniela Clark, Sharon Green and Steve Lapkin!

Enjoy a great day on the water, see you on the race course!

New Wags interviews are posted!

Be sure to check out today’s new “Wag Walks the Docks” interviews:

Kevin George, tactician aboard Tonnerre 4, talks about the boat that Peter Vroon is racing for the first time in Key West and also talks about what a great yachtsman the Dutch skipper is.

Quantum Sail Design Group executive Farley Fontenot talks about Quantum Key West 2015 and other Quantum topics.

Doug and Dalton DeVos, father and son, talk about racing against each other in the Melges 32 class.

All of this weeks interviews, including Stephanie Roble, Paul Cayard, Terry Hutchinson, can be found here:

Division 3 – Day 4 – Race 6

And they were all off on great starts for everyone.  Unfortunately Ragin’ had a small issue encountering the transom of “Teamwork” and their bow sprit had the worst and folded.  Hulls are fine, appear to have no damage.  Teamwork is sailing and Ragin’ did not start.  Just notified RC they are retiring for the day.  Hopefully back tomorrow.

On the course, the J111s have rounded the bottom gate and are on their 3rd leg.

Division 3 – Day 4

Good morning everyone… RC is out earlier today and we’re almost on station.  Since we missed a race yesterday due to light breeze, we’re starting the game a bit earlier today.  Planning for a 1030 first warning gun.

Breeze is looking 10knots out of approximately 100-110.  Mother Nature cooperating we will work on catching up and have 3 races today.  Forecast looking good for today, with building breeze staying through tomorrow.

Bright sunshine, fairly clear blue skies making for another Key West Race Week perfect sailing day!

Sunshine & Sails, Cameras & Drones!

When the class signals begin on Division 1, we also hear a buzzing sound in the background. Over our shoulders, a friendly drone is setting up to capture the starting line action.

Keith Brash is the drone “pilot” and Ed Adams is on the chase boat to cover the start line tactics. Post-race, the debrief occurs at the Quantum Tent with Ed Adams and Ed Baird. If you haven’t stopped by the tent to see the action, then check it out. Or, go to Quantum Racing’s Facebook page.