Division 2 – Friday

It’s been an great week of racing and a couple of really exciting days as the fleets came flying into the finish, seeming to hit only the crest of the waves.  Pretty breezy today…15 to 20 all day.  Tune in later for final scores and awards.

Racing has completed for the day and the boats are headed to shore.  Scores has been posted on yachtscoring.com.

Melges 24 fleet finishes:  Embarr, Zingara, Mojo

J/70 fleet is at the gate, and the Melges 24 fleet leaders are in sight coming in toward the finish.

J/70’s at the first rounding of the weather mark:  Helly Hansen, Down the Line, Flojito Y Cooperando.

Course change is being signalled at the gate to a bearing of 180 and a distance of .8.  Melges order through the gate:  Zingara, Team RRH, and Embarr

Four J/70’s did not return and will be scored OCS:  Danger Mouse, Lickity Split, Taipan, and Helly Hansen.

A dozen J/70’s were hailed as OCS.  Race committee is checking on the list of those who cleared.

Race 11 is underway.  Two boats were hailed as OCS in the Melges 24 fleet.  They restarted.  The course is Course 4, distance 1.3 nm, bearing 155.

Protests are pending for the Melges fleet, but the crossed the line as Team RRH, Embarr, then Zingara.

No change in positions for the J/70 fleet at the gate.

Positions have changes for the Melges 24 fleet at the gate.  It is now Embarr, then Team RRH, then Mojo.

J/70 weather mark rounding, first time around:  Africa, Flojito Y Cooperando, Helly Hansen

Melges 24 fleet at the weather mark first time around:  Team RRH, Embarr, Mojo.

All J/70’s cleared the start except Late Life Crisis, who will be scored OCS.

Results have been posted for Race 9 at yachtscoring.com.

Melges 24 class started at 1145, followed by the J/70 start at 1150.  One boat was OCS in the Melges fleet, but he returned and restarted.  About 8 boats were hailed in the J/70 fleet.


Embarr has won the Melges 24 race, followed by Team RRH, then Mojo.

Embarr continued to lead the Melges 24 fleet at the gate, followed by Team RRH, then Mojo.

Melges 24 fleet at the gate:  Embarr, Team RRH, Mojo.

Melges 24 fleet being signalled at the gate that the course is being changed to 155 degrees with a distance of .8 nm.

J/70 fleet at the first rounding of the weather mark:  Rocad Racing, Pied Piper, Empeiria.

Melges 24 fleet at the first rounding of the weather mark:  Embarr, Team RRH, then Mojo.

Cloudsourced, Live Sail Drive, and jRhino did not start Race 9 in the J/70 fleet.

Half a dozen J/70’s were hailed as over early at their start.  All but 1 boat, Rocad Racing have returned and restarted.

Melges 24 fleet has started.  No one was hailed as over early.

We are now in sequence for the Melges 24 class.  Start will be at 1035.

Posting 140 for the bearing to the weather mark.  Starting line going in.

Course 4 will be posted with the distance to the weather mark at 1..3 nm, bearing to be determined.  Warning is scheduled for 1030 hrs.

Pretty lumpy out here this morning…we are rockin’ and rollin’.

The breeze is around 16 knots, bearing 130.

We have reached the racing area and are anchoring the signal boat.  The Division is starting an hour early again today, with hopes of getting 3 races in.  Boats are beginning to check in.