Division 1 Day 5 Races 9 and 10

The Div 1 Signal Boat is heading back to the barn.  It’s been a great week with varied conditions.  The past 2 days were superb with typical Key West conditions that made for very exciting racing.  Fantastic photo ops.   We hope to post more photos later.  If you won a trophy today, please send a rep to the tent to pick it up.  The party starts at 5:30 with awards at 6:45.   Div 1 Race Committee will be on station at the party tonight so stop by and say hello.   Hope to see you all again next year.


Seeing gusts up to 30 knots. Downwind finish – boats surfing.

Race 10 Preliminary Results


  1. ZouLou
  2. Armin Strom
  3. Argo (DNC)
  4. Leenabarca (DNC)


  1. Bella Mente
  2. Numbers
  3. Shockwave


  1. Spookie
  2. Tonnerre4
  3. Otra Vez
  4. Hamachi
  5. Vitesse
  6. Better than..
  7. Impetuous
  8. Cool Breeze
  9. True
  10. Shine (DNC)

Melges 32

  1. Delta
  2. Argo
  3. Goombay Smash
  4. Volpe

Report is that we had gusts to 28 at the starts.

Melges 32 – Hedgehog and Goombay Smash were over early.  All clear now.

IRC2 – Very aggressive start.  3 boats OCS Hamachi, Cool Breeze and Otra Vez.  All clear now.  Several boats were bunched mid line.  Tonnerre steamed from behind and leeward and forced Otra Vez over when they tried to turn down from the line.

Maxi:  Shockwave over early.  Bowsprit was clearly over the line by a couple of feet.  All clear now.

GC32: all clear.  just the Swiss and French boats in this reace.  Still reefed.

Race 10  – course #4, bearing 175, distance for B&A is 1.55 and C&D is 1.3.  Reset the axis due to wind shift.  The wind seems to be building a bit judging by the heel of the boats.

Preliminary results:


  1. Armin Strom
  2. Argo
  3. ZouLou
  4. Leenabarca (DNF)


  1. Bella Mente
  2. Numbers
  3. Shockwave


  1. Tonnerre4
  2. Otra Vez
  3. True
  4. Spookie
  5. Hamachi
  6. Shine
  7. Cooll Breeze
  8. Impetuous
  9. Better Than..
  10. Vitesse

Melges 32

  1. Argo
  2. Goombay Smash
  3. Volpe
  4. Hedgehog
  5. Delta

Race 9 has finished. The GC 32 Argo has radioed in to say they are withdrawing from Race 10 due to a breakdown.  Shine will not sail Race 10 to catch a flight back to Great Britain.


DSC_3355SBenton | Quantum Key West 2015 Blog
DSC_3336SBenton | Quantum Key West 2015 Blog
DSC_3320SBenton | Quantum Key West 2015 Blog
DSC_3308SBenton | Quantum Key West 2015 Blog

It is surf city at the finish.

Tonnerre surfs across the finish line with a huge lead over the next IRC2 boat.
Bella Mente jibes right at the finish and crosses first in the Maxi class.  Numbers will be next.  Shockwave didn’t recover from earlier problems.   Tonnerre jibes right in front of Numbers just before the finish.

The French boat crosses next.  Leenabarca is DNF.   Sharon will post some great photos of the cats in the air along with the beefcakes on the rail!  We were commenting about the muscles on the Swiss boys – they look like  action figures in a video game.

The GC32 Argo is coming home now and launching off waves into the air.

The first GC32 finisher is launching the boat through the waves, up on foils and at times out of the water completely .   It’s the Swiss boat – yee haw!  That was something else.  We should have some photos of that to post, but also check out the helicopter photographers – they may have good shots of that too.

Tonnerre4 rounds the gate first in IRC2.

Maxis rounded the gate.  Bella is in the lead.  Shockwave had a few problems that hurt badly but they recovered .

Correction – it is not Argo who was disabled – she is coming down to the leeward gate.  It was the Argo tender that called in the problem.  Leenabarca has broken down.  The 3 GC32s took about 13 minutes on the upwind leg and about 6 minutes downwind – that is fast!   The Swiss boat was way ahead, followed by the French boat ZouLou and then Argo.

Just notified that a GC32 Argo has sails down near weather mark with rudder problem .   Appears to be disabled. Argo tender going to assist.

Melges 32:  all clear.  Very wet ride for these guys.  Hedgehog made an awesome move at the start and hit it right on.

IRC2 start: Lots of yelling.  Very aggressive start. X-ray hoisted – #18 Better Than is OCS – now clear.  They were early, Spookie was below and held them on the line with no where to go  and forced them over.

Maxi start: all clear with Numbers at the boat, Bella Mente and Shockwave down the line.  Port line boat confirmed that Shockwave’s bowsprit was about 2 feet from the line at the horn.

GC32 start:Argo hung out at the pin and did a port start and crossed in front of the other 3 by a hair then tacked over to startboard.  Whew that was close.  Nerves of steel! All 4 cats have a short reef in the main. Leenabarca isn’t pointing as high as the others and is most leeward.

Windspeed is about 18.  GC32 warning sounded.

Get ready to rock and roll.  Starting on time.

Course board posted:  Course #4 bearing 155,  distance for B&A is 1.8 and C&D is 1.5.  Reminder –  the GC32 class will be the first start followed by the Maxis.  The rationale for this change – in this kind of breeze the GC32s are fasater than the Maxis.  There will not be a 2 minute gap between the IRC2 start and the Melges 32 warning.  Offset mark just on the short windward mark.

Div 1 Signal Boat new coordinates are N 24 31.167 and W 081 51.495.  Trying to get the course set in time to avoid postponement.  The course axis will be 155 – a 15 degree shift from earlier.  Actually we were expecting 130.   Port line has pinged us so it looks like we can start on time.

Div 1 Signal Boat is moving.  The wind has shifted which compromises the course so we need to move about 1/2 mile northeast.  We hope to finish the move in time without having a postponement.  Will keep you posted.

Good Morning and welcome to the final day of Quantum Key West Race Week 2015.  It’s another gorgeous Key West day.  The wind has been blowing all night so the seas are a bit lumpy today – rolling in about 2-3 feet.  With a breeze of about 15 -18 knots, we will have the kind of racing Key West is known for.

The Div 1 Signal Boat is on station at N 24 30.872 and W 081 51.842.  Wind direction is 140.