Flying Jenny’s Win gives them Second for Series

C&C 30 Flying Jenny won the last race of Quantum Key West Race Week by inches to take second place for the series.   After 11 races Sandy Askew’s Flying Jenny was 2 points behind Kip Meadow’s Roxanne.   They were match racing up the first windward leg and were able to break away to round second at the first mark.  It was neck and neck with Don’t Panic all the way to the end and they fought hard to win the final race.

Tim Healy and John Mollicone on New England Ropes consistently worked their way through the J/70 fleet to finish ahead of Calvi Network to win the regatta.  The real story is that Marty Kullman and New Wave went into the day 6 points behind Calvi Network and ended in a tie for second place with Calvi Network.  Because New Wave has more firsts than Calvi Network, they win the tie breaker to take second place for the week with Calvi Network third.   Brian Keane with Savaana finished fourth overall and current world champions Joel Ronning was fifth for the series.

Congratulations to all the sailors,  race committee,  race organizers and volunteers for an awesome week.

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It was an outstanding performance by both classes on the Division 1 course. Starts went off without a hitch. Results have been posted on Yachtscoring.

Thank you for your support of Quantum Key West Race Week. Hope to see you again next year.


Div 2 second top mark

The first C&C 30 around the last windward mark of Quantum Key West Race Week is Don’t Panic followed by Flying Jenny and Anema & Core.

First J/70 is Cloud Nine followed by Pied Piper, Gonzo,  Savasana,  Hoss,   Black River Racing, Hedgehog.  Hot Mess and Catapult.  New Wave rounded 10th closely followed by Calvi Network, New England Ropes and Relative Obscurity.   It’s tight out here.

J/70 Leeward Gate Rounding

The first J/70 through the leeward gate was Cloud Nine followed by Hedgehog,  Pied Piper, Gonzo, Hoss,  Savasana,  Hot Mess,  Relative Obscurity,  Catapult and Black River Racing.   Calvi Network is in 11th with New  Wave just behind him and New England Ropes in 16th

Div 2 Top Mar Roundings

The first J/70 around the mark is Hot Mess followed by Pied Piper,  Cloud Nine, Hedgehog,  Gonzo and Hoss.   Seventh Around the mark is Savasana,  followed by Calvi Network,  Relative Obscurity, and Black River Racing.   New England Ropes rounded 17th so it is Race on

The C&C 30’s are rounding the first leeward gate is Don’t Panic followed by Roxanne and Flying Jenny