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Blog froze

Guess we were being hacked!! LOL

It was an outstanding performance by both classes on the Division 1 course. Starts went off without a hitch. Results have been posted on Yachtscoring.

Thank you for your support of Quantum Key West Race Week. Hope to see you again next year.


TP 52’s are off!

All clear start. Thrilling and very aggressive! Lots of risky maneuvers including some last second tacks from Port back to Starboard.
Most boats decelerated for a proper start. All were on the line at the start. Five went right, 6 went left but in the early stage the fleet seems to generally going up the left side.


On the last day of Quantum Key West Race Week,  the leaders of the J88 and Flying Tiger Fleets should remain the same.

The ORC and Performance Cruising Classes can see movement.  In the ORC fleet second place High Noise is a point away from tying for first with Second Star.

In the Performance Cruising class, Grateful Red and Island Flyer are tied for 2nd.  Today’s battle will determine 2nd and 3rd place.