On the last day of Quantum Key West Race Week,  the leaders of the J88 and Flying Tiger Fleets should remain the same.

The ORC and Performance Cruising Classes can see movement.  In the ORC fleet second place High Noise is a point away from tying for first with Second Star.

In the Performance Cruising class, Grateful Red and Island Flyer are tied for 2nd.  Today’s battle will determine 2nd and 3rd place.


  1. Signal boat on station after wandering about the race area searching for some breeze. Conditions light with a bearing of 175 degrees and 6.5 knots. Today’s plan is for one 60 minute race. Wind is predicted to shut off around noon time.

  2. The Grateful Red crew means business today!!! As evidenced by the crazy wigs they are wearing!

  3. No Multihulls again today. Course for Performance Cruising is W1(p),3(p),2(s),8(s),9(finish). Distance unknown at this posting

  4. Course set at 180 degrees. Long mark (W1) set at 1.3 miles and short mark (W2) set at 1.1 miles. Course 4.

    ORC scoring on light air.

    Breeze shifty. Velocity about 5-6 knots with some gusts to 8 knts. Racing will start on time.

  5. In sequence for the J88 start. Hijinx in first place by 11 points is DNC today

    Sail # 2 OCS. Boats liked the pin end of the line for this start. Breeze is holding between 5-6 knots at the start

  6. Flying Tiger fleet all clear with a gutsy start by boat 6 who stayed OCS up until the last minute as they sailed down to the pin end of the course from the course side. With seconds to go they ducked under the line for a great start.

  7. J88’s finishing. A real battle to finish first between boats 27,15, and 80. 27 came in first by a hair followed by 15 then 80. UNOFFICIAL!!!

  8. Cool Breeze first and only to cross finish at this time. Remember ORC boat finish times adjusted by the handicap. First in may not be the winner.

  9. ORC boat Sitella (sail USA 99) just crossed the finish line with a red protest flag in evidence. Protesting Italia Yachts 9.98 High Noise, USA sail 6. No word on cause of protest.

  10. All races now complete on Division 3 for Quantum Key West Race Week 2017. A fantastic week of racing in awesome conditions. Check the official QKWRW website for official results.

    Cindy Bambam
    Division 3 Blogger signing off

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