Div 2 Race 1 with a perfect start

Martha Parker | Quantum Key West 2017 Blog
Martha Parker | Quantum Key West 2017 Blog

A great start for Race 1 on Division 2 with “All clear” for both classes.   Race is underway and wewill give you a Mark 1 report soon!

Extreme 2 went around mark 1 first followed by Don’t Panic and Roxanne.

Glenn Darden’s Hoss rounded the top mark for the J/70’s first with Marty Kullman and New Wave in second.  Calvi Network rounded third followed by Cool Story Bro and Tim Healy’s Marlow Ropes.

City of Key West Day – Div 1

SharonB | Quantum Key West 2017 Blog
SharonB | Quantum Key West 2017 Blog
SharonB | Quantum Key West 2017 Blog
SharonB | Quantum Key West 2017 Blog










Check-ins are brisk on Div-1 – we have 15knots @115. Beautiful conditions to kickoff the 30th Edition of Key West Race Week!

In yesterday’s talk of Winning Strategies for Key West, Ed Baird discussing “managing weed strategy.” Competitors will need it today,  as there are several large patches out on the course.

SharonB | Quantum Key West 2017 Blog

Quantum Key West Race Week Day 1

The Division 3 Signal Boat is on station in what looks to be another beautiful Key West day!

Division 3 racers include the Flying Tiger 7.5 fleet owned by One Design Sailing Academy out of Toronto.  One Design has partnered with North U Performance Clinics to offer charters and instruction to sailors looking to improve their game.  A terrific opportunity for great coaching throughout a premier event.

Coaches include local Key West instructors from the Key West Sailing Center who have just recently re-launched a High School Sailing Program and offer various classes including a free class on Saturdays for women.

Division 3 Courses:  Wind 120 degrees at approximately 15 knts

Multihulls : WM 1 (p), 3 (s),5(s), 1(s),2(finish)

Performance Cruising: WM (p), 3 (s), 4(s),1(s),2(finish)

ORC class- 4 legs at 120 degrees, distance to weather 1.70 nautical miles

J88 and Flying Tigers: 4 legs at 120 degrees, distance to weather 1.40 nautical miles


And they are off!

Multihulls:  One competitor, Arethusa, retired after the start

Performance Cruising:  Approximate course length: 16 miles.  Three starters.  White Rhino was the first to start on the starboard end of the line, followed by Island Flyer the Grateful Red who choose the pin end.

ORC:  Ten starters.  Heavy wind rating with average wind speed at 16.7 knts.  While the starboard half of the line, Orion made her way closer to the pin side and won the start.  Followed by Kenai and Second Star.

J88: Seven starts.  Wind average at 16.4 with a right shift to 130 degrees.  Again starboard was the favorite end of the line and it was a clear start.

Flying Tigers:  Six starters as one boat dropped out prior to the start.  Fleet spread across the line most favoring the pin end.  All clear

J88’s first to finish the windward leeward course.  ORC boats starting to finish.  Races running about 1 hour.  Flying Tigers  heading downwind to the finish.

Warning for J88 race 2 is scheduled for 1:35.  Long windward mark moved .2 further out to a distance of 1.9 miles still at a wind bearing of 120 degrees.  Short mark moved to 1.6 miles.

Great start for the J88’s second race.  The pin end was popular this time around with many boats right on the line  at the start

Correction:  J88 race start was 12:35.

ORC start at 12:55.  Starboard side of the line continues to be favored.  Kenai was the clear leader off the start with several boats close behind.

Flying Tigers spread the line for a 1:00 start.

No OCS to report today. Good job Division 3 racers!

J88’s just finished.  Those who favored the right side of the downwind leg were favored at the finish line.

First of the ORC class has finished.  Others about 2 to 3 minutes behind.

A parade finish for the Flying Tigers.  And in other news I hear there may be a protest happening in the Performance Cruising Fleet.  Check racing HQ or the official QKWRW website  for official results.

Back tomorrow for day 2 of exciting racing at Quantum Key West Race Week.  Division 3 Blogger-out.




It’s Day 1 of Quantum Key West Race Week – the 30th Anniversary!

Div-1 Signal boat is on station and we’ve got some sea rolling through, and all looks good. The sun is shining, the temp is fine, and we are looking forward to getting started!!


Good Morning!

Today is the City of Key West Day. We have a beautiful day on tap — easterly breeze – 10-15. Two races are planned. Harbor start is 0930.

Here’s today’s shoreside schedule post-racing:

  • 1700h Ed Adams & Ed Baird will present a video debrief at the Waterfront Brewery, sponsored by Quantum Sails. Today’s featured classes are Division 1- TP52s and J-111.
  • 1800h Panel Discussion-Top Lessons from the TP 52 Coaches: James Lyne and Rod Davis
  • 1845 Prizegiving

See you on the water and on shore!



Quantum Key West Race Week – Practice Starts/Practice Race

We are ready for “showtime.” The practice starts and race were setup and run without a hitch. The boats are back at the dock, and getting ready for the Panel Talk @1630 “Winning Strategies for Key West” featuring Ed Baird (moderator), Tony Rey, Jonathan McKee, Allen Terhune, Marty Kuhlman, Terry Hutchinson, Mark Mendelblatt and David Flynn. If this is your first time in Key West, make your way to the Waterfront Brewery!

Following the panel discussion the opening reception begins @1730 at the Waterfront Brewery Rooftop Deck with 4000 square ft. of the sweetest waterfront view in Key West. The beer is cold, and the Mount Gay is ready!


The J111 class had a conservative start, and all boats cleared with good speed. We’re heading up to the finish to check-in with the TP52s. A beautiful day to be in Key West!

SharonB | Quantum Key West 2017 Blog

J111 Practice race start




On Div-1, we have 10-15 from the east, and it is great to see everyone out on the course, ready to get started. Div-1 is running a Practice start and a practice race for TP52s and J111s.


SharonB | Quantum Key West 2017 Blog