Match Race between Roxanne and Flying Jenny

C&C 30 Extreme 2 has won the regatta by such a large margin that they did not have to sail today.  The race for second is between Roxanne with 31 overall points and Flying JENNY with 33 points.   They were definitely match racing at the start and headed to the right side of the course.

Tim Healy on New England Ropes is leading the J/70 class with 50 points and Calvi Network is in second with 59 points and New Wave is third with 65 points.

We will report the top mark roundings;  standing by on 72

TP 52’s are off!

All clear start. Thrilling and very aggressive! Lots of risky maneuvers including some last second tacks from Port back to Starboard.
Most boats decelerated for a proper start. All were on the line at the start. Five went right, 6 went left but in the early stage the fleet seems to generally going up the left side.